When you have diseased or dead trees on your property, felling them should be left to the experts, like the team at JR Schad Tree Services.

Just look at the height of the trees in these photos! It takes a highly skilled tree specialist, with the right equipment, to scale these trees and cut them down properly, conforming to all current Health and Safety standards.

JR Schad Tree Services work the length and breadth of Britain on jobs such as this. They have many years of experience and moreover, they won't just discard the wood. Julian and his team like to recycle wherever possible and will turn any such wood into:

  • pieces that can be used by craftsmen for craft purposes;
  • wood chippings that will help keep the weeds at bay in your garden;
  • mulch to provide moisture and nutrients to your plants;
  • firewood and logs.

This is highly skilled work, so please don't hesitate to call in the experts - JR Schad Tree Care Ltd.